Fragrance Blogs: Your Guide to the Perfume World

The Best Perfume Blogs

Fragrance blogs are like your perfume-savvy friend, whether you’re a fragrance newbie or seasoned enthusiast. They go beyond reviews and into educational content that turns you into a perfumery pro, from learning about different families to the nitty-gritty details of bottle design.

Some great starting points are Now Smell This, Bois de Jasmin and Perfume Posse. From there, explore other sites with a range of styles and content.

A community

For fragrance lovers, these perfume blogs are like backstage passes to the aromatic world. Take Odettetoilette for instance – Lizzie Olstrom started this blog 8 years ago when she was working in events and PR and turned her amateur, aficionado love for perfume into a full-time gig. With reviews, perfume chit-chat and even a series of ‘Scratch n’ Sniff’ events, this blog is a great resource.

Other bloggers like Goodsmellas and Fragrance Blogger share their expertise in an easy-to-read format. From deep dives into niche perfume brands to practical advice on how to store and apply perfume, these blogs make it fun. And they’re always on the pulse when it comes to newest releases and industry buzz. A must-read!

A mix of content

A good perfume blog isn’t a one-trick pony. Look for ones that offer a mix of content, from reviews and industry news to interviews with perfumers and discussions of fragrance families. A little variety keeps things interesting and shows that the blogger is well-rounded.

For example, Perfume Puffs takes you on a fragrant journey, from the basics of how to apply cologne to exploring niche and artisan scents. The site also offers a variety of different perfume guides and even shares tips on how to make your own fragrances!

Other sites go deeper, offering educational content that can turn you into a perfumery pro. Perfume blogs that explore chemistry (such as Chemist in a Bottle) and explain how fragrances are made give readers the full perfumery experience.

A conversation

A good perfume blog is like your best friend who knows everything about fragrances, guiding you through the world of scents and helping you discover a new favorite. They’re experts in everything scented and provide a range of information, from the nitty-gritty details about a specific fragrance to the history and science behind perfumery.

Some of the best perfume blogs also talk about the perfumers behind scents, providing a glimpse into their creative process. You might even get a few tips on how to apply and wear your perfume more effectively.

One of the most popular perfume blogs is Bois de Jasmine, which offers in-depth reviews and a rich visual experience. This Brooklyn-based site is perfect for those who are interested in a wide variety of scents, from mainstream to niche.

A pulse on the industry

Whether you’re torn between designer and niche perfumes, want a guide to smelling your best on a night out or a cozy day in, or simply curious about the latest trends, the top perfume blogs will help you elevate your fragrance experience. They offer expert advice, reviews, and a community that brings you together like the friends you always knew you could count on.

The top perfume blogs know that a bottle and a box only go so far — they also provide a visual experience through snapshots of the bottle, the packaging, and perhaps a glam shot of the blogger wearing the scent. They also understand that loving a perfume doesn’t have to cost a fortune, so they offer recommendations for budget-friendly options, too.

A visual experience

Perfume blogs offer an in-depth look at your favorite scents and the creative process behind them. With interviews with perfumers, they take you on a journey of discovery into their creative world. They can also give you a taste of what’s new in the fragrance scene, keeping you updated on the latest releases.

From deep dives into niche perfumeries like Olfactive Studio to breaking down celebrity perfumes, a perfume blog is like your friendly expert guiding you through the aromatic adventure. Plus, they spill the beans on the best places to snag those scents.

From casual Fridays to cozy nights at home, a perfume blog can match you with the perfect scent for every occasion. They even provide tips for how to layer your perfumes for optimal effect.

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